Referee welfare is a significant part of our Club’s aims.

If you have any refereeing issues, large or small, please contact:

Your appointments secretary,

either of our Welfare Officers;

Kat Carver or David Coles

David at djicoles@yahoo.com or 07764 656041

or anyone of our Club committee.

who will help, give you guidance or assistance.

The Hampshire FA website have a suite of useful information


Friends Must Talk – Mental Health Awareness

A new mental health awareness website, www.friendsmusttalk.co.uk along with a Facebook page friendsmusttalk has been released

They have designed and produced our first two mental health awareness drinks mats which are now available to view and to order at www.friendsmusttalk.co.uk for all sports clubs, youth clubs, social clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and office canteens.

They decided to set up this Company after the suicide of a local footballer and a close family friend suffering with mental health issues. They thought long and hard on how they could design something that could encourage young people and adults to talk about their mental health issues and also to make us all more aware of what signs to look out for in our friends and family. 

Hopefully we can get people talking and start to save lives.